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Определите времена глаголов в Passive Voice. Выписать из текста 5 предложений в Passive Voice.

10-11 класс

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the collection of laws, known as

the Babylonian king, which was carved in stone... and which can be seen

Hebrew law, contained in the Book

the verdict was given by a jury

Barristers were not allowed, speeches were sometimes prepared 


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Помогите с англ.очень срочно

Перевод не нужен
Упр 8;9;11 стр 95-96

раскрыть скобки используя пассивный и активный залог.

1.lenin's centenary (to celebrate) by all prpgressive humanity in 1970/
2.we (to finish) our experiment in a week.
3.the delegatoin of foreign workers(to meet) at the station yesterday.
4.young trees (to plant)last autumn.
5.this question not (to discuss) at the conference.
6/i (answer) my brother's letter last week.
7.pushkin and lervontov (to lieve) in the 19 centuary.
8.people (to gight) for peace.
9.peace (to fight) fot by all people all over the world.
10.heat and light (to give) to us by the sun.
11.i (use) filk songs in my composition.
12. the letter (sent) eysterday)?
13.chemically pure water never (to meet) winh in everyday life.
14.the production of our industry( to increase) from year to year.
15.not much attention (to pay) to the living conditions.

Нужно поставить глагол в нужную форму!!! 1) Hurry up! Everybody (wait) for you. 2) "You (watch) TV?" No, you can turn

it off.

3) What you usually (do) at weekends.

4) The Volga (flow) into the Caspian Sea

5) I`m tired. I (go) to bed now. Goodnight!

6) This train is never late. It always (leave) an time.

7) Who is this man? What he (want)?

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Перепишите предложения, раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в скобках в пассивный залог (Passive Voice). Переведите предложения на русский язык и

определите время глаголов:

1 Some years later the first code of laws, Russkaya Pravda (to introduce). 2 I (to frighten) to death when I drove through Paris last year. 3 The electric bulb (to invent) by Thomas Edison. 4 Tmutarakan (to situate) on the Taman peninsula in the present-day Krasnodar Krai of Russia, roughly opposite Kerch. 5 The class was too large, it (to divide) into two parts. 6 In the 12 th century the city (to isolate) from the Russian mainland by the Cumans and gradually declined. 7 The site of Tmutarakan (to discover) in 1792 when a local peasant found a stone with an inscription. 8 Invitations (to send) to all the old pupils to be present at the school’s anniversary.

Пожалуйста помогите)

Нужно выписать из текста глаголы страдательном залоге Passive Voice.
И ответить на вопросы что будут на фото)
is the most northern part of the island of Great Britain . Its population is
over 5 million people. Scotland was inhabited mainly by the Picts. In the 6th century,the
Scots from Ireland (or Scotia) settled in what is now Argyll, giving their name
to the present-day Scotland. During the 9th century ,the various parts of
Scotland united in defense against the Vikings. The powerful monarchy which
existed in England threatened Scottish independence throughout the Middle Ages.
In 1603 James 6 of Scotland become also James 1 of England when Queen Elizabeth
1 of England died without children. In 1651 Scotland was united with England,
although Scotland kept its own parliament. In 1797, both countries, realizing
the benefits of closer political and economic union , agreed on a single
parliament for Great Britain. The Cheviot Hills mark the boundary between
England and Scotland. The greater part of Scotland is surrounded by see.
Scotland includes the Hebrides off the west coast and the Orkney and Shetland
Islands off the north coast. It is bounded by the North Sea on the east.
Scotland is divided into three parts: the Highlands, the Lowlands and the
Southern Uplands. The Highlands are among the oldest mountains in the world.
There are a lot of valleys and lakes in this region, the best known lake is
Loch Ness. Most of the population of Scotland is concentrated in the Lowlands.
The biggest city is Glasgow. It is an important port in the United Kingdom.
Shipbuilding is the leading industry. But other industries such as iron and
steel, engineering and coal-mining are highly developed too. The capital of
Scotland is Edinburgh. It is the cultural center of Scotland.

People use various means of transport.

many years ago people went on foot, on horseback, by boats and ships. they had to travel for several days, weeks and months to get to the place.
now people can use different means of transport trains,cars, ships, buses and so on.
in large cities people usually use the underground railway, london underground is the oldest in the world. the underground in Moscow is very beautiful. you are travelling from one station to another and you are learning the history of our country.
In Ufa we can go by taxi or by bus.
sometimes, if people have some time, they walk because it is useful. i think in future people will travel by air.
Люди используют различные средства транспорта.
много лет назад люди ходили пешком, на лошадях, на лодках и кораблях. они должны были путешествовать в течение нескольких дней, недель и месяцев, чтобы добраться до места.
теперь люди могут использовать разные средства передвижения поезда,автомобили, корабли, автобусы и так далее.
в крупных городах люди обычно пользуются метро, лондонское метро-старейшая в мире. метро в Москве-это очень красиво. вы путешествуете от одной станции к другой, а вы изучаете историю нашей страны.
В Уфе мы можем поехать на такси или на автобусе.
иногда, если у людей есть некоторое время, они ходят потому, что это полезно. я думаю, что в будущем люди будут передвигаться по воздуху.
1,выпишите из текста 3 предложения с лексическими указателями настоящего простого времени,укажите эти лексические указатели.
2. выпишите из текста 1 предложение в настоящем продолженном времени подчеркните вспомогательный и основной глаголы.
3. выпишите из текста 1 предложение с лексическими указателями прошедшего простого времени, укажите лексический указатель, определите правильный и неправильный глагол, дайте его неопределенную форму.
4. выпишите из текста 1 предложение в будущем простом времени, подчеркните вспомогательный и основной глаголы.
5. выпишите из текста 3 предложение с модальными глаголами, укажите их.

Выписать из текстов: 1) краткие формы; 2) разговорные фразы; 3) фразовые глаголы; 4) идиомы; 5) вежливый язык; полные формы

Выписать всё по отдельности , не в перемешку и желательно с переводом.

1)Hi! How are you? I’ve been so worried about
you since I got your letter. Thought I’d drop
you a line to help you out.
2)It’s great that you’ve made some new pals,
but they don’t sound very good company, if
you ask me. No one has the right to tell you
how you should look and dress!
3)Also, I don’t like the idea of you bunking off
school just because your friends think it’s cool.
Why not tell them that you can meet up after
school instead?
4)Well, I hope it all works out for you. Write
back and tell me what happens!
Lots of love,

Dear Dr Kelly, B
1> I am writing to you in the hope that you can help me. My name is Diana and I am sixteen years old. My problem is that I hate the way I look.

2> When I was younger I was happy and did not worry so much about my appearance. 1 always had lots of friends and I had fun. Now I rarely feel like going out as I have no confidence. When I look in the mirror I can only see my faults and I think other people will see me like that too.

3> Also, I am really dissatisfied with my weight. What can I do? Maybe it would be a good idea to have cosmetic surgery.

4> I would really appreciate it if you could help me. I look forward to your reply,
Diana Smith

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