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5-9 класс

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Я думаю:"I can't run as fast as he does."


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Помогите пожалуйста...
ПОМОГИТЕ ПЕРЕВОСТИ! The territory of Ukraine is about 603 ,700 thousand square kilometres.Our country stretches for 1300 km from east to west and

900 km from north to south.The countre is situated in the centre of Europe.It borders on Russia Moldova Romania Hungary Slovakia Poland and Belarus.The geographical position of Ukraine is ideal for the development of its economy due to the natural resources too

Составить 5 вопросов из предложения: My friends will come to Moscow on Sunday. Вопросы могут быть такими:

Когда приедут друзья;
кто приедет в Москву.
Главное правильно составить эти вопросы, все слова должны стоять в нужном месте ( вопросы написаны должны быть на английском конечно)

Помогите доделать Пожалуста!!!!!

1) Many years ago most schollchildren
2) The patrols had
3) Te sing looked like
4) Most potrols were
5) They were called
6) But since the 1980s there have been
7) In 1993 there were 1000 Lollipop Ladies
8) They stood
9) Many other towns in Britain also

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TEST (Variant II)1. Choose the right variant of the Reported Speech.1. “We can’t remember where we put our passports,” said Richard.a) Richard said they

couldn’t remember where they had put their passports.b) Richard said they couldn’t remember where they put their passports.2. “You don’t keep your flat warm enough,” said Jack.a) Jack said I didn’t keep my flat warm enough.b) Jack said you didn’t keep your flat warm enough.3. “He doesn’t get on with his stepma,” said Sam.a) Sam said that he doesn’t get on with his stepma.b) Sam said that he didn’t get on with his stepma.4. “Who is going to give a talk?” asked Fred.a) Fred asked who is going to give a talk.b) Fred asked who was going to give a talk.5. “When can I see Mr Marcony?” Charles asked the secretary.a) Charles asked the secretary when could he see Mr Marcony.b) Charles asked the secretary when he could see Mr Marcony.2. Choose the right variant of the Direct Speech.1. I asked the boy not to make such a fuss.a) I said to the boy, “Don’t make such a fuss.”b) I asked the boy, “Not make such a fuss.”2. The teacher ordered the pupils to open the books.a) The teacher to the pupils: “To open the books!”b) The teacher to the pupils: “Open the books!”3. Jacky asked Pat if she would spend her holidays in Russia.a) Jacky said to Pat, “Will you spend your holidays in Russia?”b) Jacky said to Pat, “If you spend your holidays in Russia?”4. He asks if I am an actress.a) He says, “Are you an actress?”b) He says, “Do you an actress?”5. The teacher asked the boys not to talk very loud.a) The teacher to the boys, “Doesn’t talk very loud.”b) The teacher to the boys, “Don’t talk very loud.”3. Choose the right answer.1. She said that she … twenty years old the following Friday.a) will be b) would be c) was2. Liz says she … the film.a) already saw b) had already seen c) has already seen3. Mr. Green told the children … so much noise.a) don’t make b) not to make c) not make4. Our children said they … school.a) don’t like b) didn’t like c) won’t like5. She asked me if I … my dinner.a) enjoyed b) enjoy c) have enjoyed

AEO ”NAZARBAYEV INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS” TASKS FOR COMPETIVE SELECTION OF STUDENTS English, 8 grade 1. Choose the best answer: - Where can I have this

ironed? - ......................... A) At the laundry. B) At the bank. C) At the shop. D) At the post-office. E) At school. *** 2. Choose the best answer: A police officer…. car was parked at the next corner stopped and arrested them. A) whose B) who C) when D) where E) which *** 3. Complete the sentence: Andy said that no other car could go ... his. A) as fast as B) as fast like C) as fast that D) so fast like E) so fast than *** 4. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech: Jane said: “Did you see that film last month?” A) Jane interested if I had seen that film the previous month B) Jane ordered if I had seen that film last month C) Jane asked that I had seen that film last month D) Jane asked if I saw that film last month E) Jane interested if I seen that film last month *** 5. Choose the appropriate word(s): Sara and Kelly were getting treatment in the ... hospital. Their cases were.... A) same/similar B) similar/same C) best/same D) bad/same E) bad/best *** 6. Choose the best answer: If you ……… to him, you ……… a lot. A) listen/will learn B) will listen/will learn C) listen/learn D) will listen/learn E) listened/ will learn *** 7. Find the appropriate modal verb: It is raining. You … take your anorak. A) should B) couldn’t C) shouldn’t D) mustn’t E) are must *** 8. Find the right variant: Sergei Bezrukov … as a talented actor by all. A) is recognized B) is recognize C) recognize D) was recognize E) were recognize *** 9. Find the appropriate modal verb: I have got toothache. I … go to the dentist. A) must B) mustn’t C) can have been D) should have done E) should be *** 10. Complete the sentence: He … the newspaper at the time you rang. A) was reading B) read C) was read D) were reading E) readed *** 11. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech: John said to Tom: “Do you want to go to the cinema?” A) John asked Tom if he wanted to go to the cinema. B) John asked Tom he wanted to go to the cinema. C) John asked Tom did he want to go to the cinema. D) John asked Tom if do he want to go to the cinema. E) John asked Tom he had wanted to go to the cinema. *** 12. Choose the right variant: By the time the police arrived, the thieves ……. the stolen money. A) had hidden B) hide C) will have hidden D) are hiding E) hid *** 13. Choose the best question: Bill reads newspapers in the kitchen every morning. A) What does Bill do in the kitchen? B) Where do they read newspapers? C) How many newspapers does Bill have? D) Who cooks in the kitchen? E) Where does he buy newspapers? *** 14. Choose the best question: It usually takes her 15 minutes to get to the office by underground. A) How long does it take her to get to the office by underground? B) How long does it usually take you to get to the office? C) Who got to the office in 15 minutes? D) It usually took her 15 minutes to get to the office by underground, didn`t it? E) Where do you get in 15 minutes? *** 15. Choose the right order to make up a story: 1. Meat comes from animals. 2. People cannot live without food. 3. Where does our food come from? 4. People eat domestic birds too. A) 2,3,1,4 B) 4,2,3,1 C) 1,2,3,4 D) 2,1,4,3 E) 3,4,2,1

1. Choose the correct form of the verbs

When you...Brian again, you...him
a)Will see, won't recognize b) will see, not recognize c)see, won't recognize d)see, will not recognize .
2. Complete the sentence with appropriate modal verb :
Whatever you do, you...touch that switch.It's dangerous.
a)don't have to b)mustn't c)needn't d)shouln't
3.Choose the rifht variant:
I put...salt in the soup. Prhaps too...
a)much, much b)many, much c)a lot of, much d)plenty of, much
4.Complete the sentence:
Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ... ?
a)any b)something c)some d)anything
5.Choose the rifht variant:
The cinema was almost empty. There were very ... people there
a)few b)a few c)little d)a little
6.Choose the corect form of the verbs:
The swimming pool ... at 9.00 and ... at 18.30 every day
a)is opening, is closing b)open, close c)opens, closes d)has opened, has closed
7.Choose the right conjunction:
Can you look after my flowers ... I am out?
a)until b)while c)as soom as d)when
8.Choose the right variant:
I wish my room... larger
a)to be b)was c)were d) will be
9.Insert the correct preposition:
I congratulated Jane... passing the exam.
a)on b)about c)for d)of
10.Choose the right variant:
I don't...money. It's not important to me.
a)care of b)care for c)care about d)care with

1 вопрос: Choose the correct variant: i will ... you the news later/ 1.say 2.speak 3.talk 4.tell


2 вопрос:

Choose the correct variant for the tag question:

She likes sports, ... ?

1.isnt she

2. is she

3. doesnt she

4.does she

5.arent she


Choose 3 sentences where the underlined words are used correctly:



3. excuse me, can you tell me shortly way to the library?

4. My younger brother was very anqry because he didnt want to go to bed.

5. He was a very hiqhly man.

6.There is no sugor left. Can you go quick and buy some?

I. 1.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant. 1) He was guite ... with us. a. Frank b.Frankly 2) ... speaking I don't

like casual clothes

a.Frankly b. Frank

2.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant.

1)She was siting at the table and he was standing ...

a. beside b. besides

2) All the children ... Tom decided to go on excursion.

a.besides b.beside

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