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10-11 класс

.Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold. ( 8 points)
1. The best way to ... your vocabulary, is to read works of literature. RICH
2. Please ... all the documents required. CLOSE
3. Which are the qualities that ... him? CHARACTER
4. The noise of the German guns nearly … us. DEAF
5. … a billion people is much more than a legacy. RAGE
6. They all … with me but they did not know how to help me. SYMPATHY
7. If people only … or just read texts, they receive no benefit from them. MEMORY
8. They … the people of Europe for three centuries. TERROR

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Написать что Петя умеет и не умеет делать Составить вопросы и ответить на него.Например Can Peter play with a computer?Yes-No.1.------speak

English?Yes-No.2-----ride a bike?Yes-No3.-----play with a computer?Yes-No.4---play the guitar?Yes-No.5----play table tennis?Yes-No 6----play basketball?Yes-No 7-----play volleyball?Yes-No

Не знаю, видно ли на этот раз, но..


ЛЮДИ ПОМОГИТЕ! задали урывок текста рассказать напамять, но у меня с английским боольшие проблеми. напишыте пожалуста русскими буквами следующий текст:

"who can imagine his or her life without radio or TV ? Sure , nobody can . As means of the mass media they are widely used in todays world . Both radio and television are the fastest means of spreading news and information . They keep us informed about current events , extendour edukation , allow us to follow the latest developments in science and culture . As endless number of programmes enrich our knowledge , entertain us and even influence our opinion and imagination . Its easy and pleasant ti switch on the radio while you are in car or going about your household duties . You can choose any radio station including FM which you like .

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What questions will you ask your parents about the flat/house your family is going to move into?Your friend wants to decorate his/her room. Give him/her some advice on how to furnish it?

помоги пожалуйста составить два специальных и один общий вопросы.по этим вопросам

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