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IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.,пожалуйста

10-11 класс

l. order/he/allowed/enter/not/passport/the/not/countiy/in/his/was/to/as/was.
2. me/walk/you/windows/around/all/closed/if/see/the/were/did/house/to?
3. TV set/I/make/room/for/moved/the/have/bookshelves/to/the/more.

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Помогите, пожалуйста, написать письмо)) While learning Englesh in a summer school in Brightai you stayed with the British family . You enjoyed staying

witn them: Now you are at home and you are going to thank them for their hospitability. Write a letter to your host (Mr and Mrs Brown)

Создать предложения на английском

1) the, to ,Zoo ,somefimes ,the children ,go
2) does ,homework ,nis, sam-guichly
3) parents ,speak, my, usually ,guietly
4) is, it, heavily ,raining

Найдите в предложениях Complex Object с инфинитивом и подчеркните его.Переведите на русский язык.

1.They saw the plane take off. 2.I can`t make my cat catch the mice. 3.They do not expect him to come carly. 4.I believed him to be invited to the party. 5.Mum wants me to be happy. 6.We saw them go to the theatre together. 7.I consider him right. 8.I like people to tell the truth. 9.I hate you say such things.

помогите прочитать слова

по английски brave,park,cannot,back,farmer,fox,farm,car,have, rabbit,are,am, strong,skate,Ann,smart.

Listen and read the story.One day, the farmer goes to his field as usual. But when he gets there, he is shocked by what he sees. There are big,

heavy footprints all over the field and his beautiful wheat is flat. "My beautiful, golden wheat!" he shouts. "My sons, come quickly!" The three sons run to their father and look at the field. They don't know what to do.

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IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.

1. mistakes/Pat/number/has/fewest/the/pupils/all/of/made/the/of.
2. most/in/quality/honesty/is/the/admire/of/1/people/all.
3. when/known/you/since/have/Mr. Blake?
V. Закончите диалог вопросами, подходящими по смыслу.
Sue is back from the shops and she is talking to her husband Joe.
J: ___________________________________________________
S: I had to take a taxi because the bags were very heavy.
J: ___________________________________________________
S: Yes, I did. I got nearly everything I needed.
S: Well, I went to the butcher's and to the bakery and to the grocer's.
J: ______________________________________________________
S: I don't remember how many rolls I have bought. Several, anyway.
S: I didn't buy any steak because the butcher didn't have it at that early

Нужен просто спец в английском языке,который сможет сделать все задания правильно. Это очень важно. Помогите это тестирование решит мою жизнь! Тест


I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной временной форме.

1. This morning at 10 o'clock I went to see Mr. Amis on business. We

(to arrange)____________this meeting beforehand. When I (to

come) ._________ into the office the secretary (to tell) _______

me that Mr. Amis (to return)____________from the conference

somewhat later. I (to ask)____________to sit down and (to offer)

____________a cup of coffee. While I (to have)____________

my coffee Mr. Amis (to come in)__________«(to wait) _______

_______you long?» he asked most politely.

2. Close the window. It (to rain)_____________ The weather (to

change) ____________ greatly since yesterday. If it (not to

brighten up) ______________________we'll have a snowfall


II. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

Captain Smith was ... captain of «The Titanic». He hoped to prove that «The Titanic» was ... fastest ship in ... world. Although it was early spring he led ... ship to ... north. He knew that there were ... icebergs, but «The Titanic» was considered to be ... unsinkable ship.

When he understood his mistake he helped to evacuate ... passengers and died ... hero. He was one of ... 1490 people who drowned on that terrible night.

III. Вставьте правильный предлог или послелог, где необ¬ходимо.

1. I am not satisfied ... my progress ... maths.

2. He was ... such a hurry, so he left ... the party ... saying good-buy to the host.

3. Luckily we arrived ... the station ... fifteen minutes after we had left home.

IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.

1. excuse/no/for/coming/time/exam/in/to/there/is/not/the/his.

2. ours/house/next/be/to/fmished/the/year/this/will?

3. television/very/sports/on/relaxing/watching/is.

V. Закончите диалог вопросами, подходящими по смыслу.

Nick and Eric are talking about the summer holiday.


E: I took a trip around Europe.


E: By train.


E: No, it was quite cheap. I bought a railcard.


E: A couple of friends came with me.


E: We have been to six or seven countries.

VI. Переведите на английский язык слова, данные в скоб¬ках.

1. Very (мало)_________customers were satisfied with the service.

2. This way is (намного)_________safer than the other one.

3. At that time it began raining (сильно)_______ .

4. I am afraid Jane doesn't (делает)_______any housework at all.

5. (Никто)_________of his parents realised what was happening.

6. He said he would like to (лежать)_________in the sun for an


7. Some people keep dogs as pets, (другие)_________have cats.

8. Sometimes the girl felt (взволнованной)__________without any


VII. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. a) They reached to the lake at night.

b) They reached the lake at night

c) They reached at the lake at night.

2. a) Dick worked hard last term and was a success.

b) Dick worked hard last term, and had a success.

c) Dick has worked hard last term and was a success.

VIII. Соедините по смыслу фразы из левой и правой коло¬нок.

1. What's Betty like? a. She is fine.

2. What is Betty? b. She is diligent.

3. How is Betty? c. She is a secretary.

составить предложения расположив слова в нужном порядке: 1)television/very/sports/on/relaxing/watching/is 2)ours/house/next

/be/to/finished/the/year/this/will? 3)excuse/no/for/coming/time/exam/in/to/there/is/not/the/his

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